My name is Ian Breakspear, and WholMed is the result of more than 20 years of clinical & educational experience in herbal & naturopathic medicine.

As a young student and early practitioner of herbal medicine, I was blessed to have the support, encouragement and mentoring of some inspirational health care professionals. Herbalists, naturopaths, doctors, pharmacists – people who dedicated their life to helping people, and to educating others so that they in turn offered quality health care to their patients. These experiences moulded me into the clinician and educator I am today. Most importantly, they have helped me identify the need for practical, unbiased continuing education and support for practitioners.

And that is the aim of WholMed. To provide clinically relevant continuing education to practitioners of all levels. To give herbalists, naturopaths and other health professionals access to quality support, and an option other than the plethora of company-sponsored seminars and courses.

Ian BreakspearIan Breakspear


Herbal medicine has been in my bloodstream for most of my life. The first lecture I attended at 17 years of age, delivered by Nick Burgess, really ignited a fascination in the complexity of herbal medicine.

In hindsight though, the passion had been developing for a few years. As a young teenager I was amazed by an article in the Science section of the newspaper, about chimpanzees in Africa self-medicating with carefully selected leaves from specific plants, to treat parasitic infections.

Around the same time, whilst on a school field trip to a national park during torrential rain, I noticed a particular tree which had masses of foam at the base of its trunk. Thinking this may have been pollution from runoff, I asked our Guide about it. He pointed out that there were no other plants growing around that tree for some meters, and then explained the foam was a chemical produced by the tree to inhibit the growth of competing flora. Normally invisible, it was stirred up by the massive rains to a large foam.

Chimps and herbsSince those early years I have trained formally in herbal medicine and naturopathy, and completed a Masters Degree in Herbal Medicines at the University of Sydney, specialising in herbal pharmacology and quality analysis. I have practiced clinically for more than 17 years, worked for a number of herbal medicine companies as a technical consultant, and taught herbal medicine and medical sciences at private colleges and universities. I spent 8 years on the Board of Directors of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA), culminating in the position of Vice-President. In 2006 I was awarded Fellowship of the NHAA for “meritorious work in the profession of herbalism”.

Currently I practice in the heart of the Sydney CBD, helping patients with a range of complex health problems especially in the areas of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. I teach at Endeavour College of Natural Health and Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, Australia*. I also write for professional publications, am a peer reviewer for the Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine, and deliver lectures to professional audiences both nationally and internationally.

But that’s enough about my CV – if you want to read more my LinkedIn profile has the details.

My mission is to ensure herbal medicine is once again recognised as an essential component of quality health care. Not an alternative, but a legitimate health care option for the people, offering the individualised, holistic, and complete pharmacology that only plant medicine can provide.

For me, that leads to clinical practice – helping people with herbs – and education – helping people by training better herbalists.

My second mission is to seek out and indulge in the ultimate chocolate. Chocolate is an amazing food and medicine, and I love learning about the complex chemistry, the history and mythology, the agriculture and economics, and the creation of chocolate from Theobroma cacao. And it’s not just a theoretical exercise – you’ll find some of my most “spiritual” chocolate experiences on my clinic website. Enjoy! 😉

* The views expressed on this website are my own and do not necessarily represent the official views of the THINK: Education Group or Endeavour College of Natural Health.