Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Workshop

Clipboard, steth and penLearn how to use Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM’s) in your practice.


  • 4hr face-to-face workshop
  • Resource package of PROM’s with interpretation & implementation guides
  • Earn 4hrs of CPE points with your association

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Monitoring treatment efficacy in clinical practice can be difficult. There are various obstacles, ranging from the complexity of the conditions many of our patients present with, to the way treatment priorities change over time. We need a method which embodies the holistic nature of our practice, which centres on the individual and their needs, and which is robust enough that we can employ it in a range of different situations.

In other words, we need PROM’s.

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROM’s) are becoming the gold standard of monitoring and measuring efficacy in a patient-centred care environment. They are tools which have been proven to increase patient engagement and satisfaction, and which help us apply the true essence of evidence-based practice.

But the world of PROM’s can be a minefield. There are literally hundreds of different “instruments” available. Some are more relevant in a research environment. Some are limited in their application. Some cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to licence, making them prohibitive to use in a normal practice.

There are also genuine obstacles to their application in your average complementary medicine practice, making it difficult for practitioners to apply them without some sort of training or support.

Course information

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You will …

  • learn about the benefits. characteristics, strengths and weakness of PROM’s.
  • learn how PROM’s can help you set realistic treatment goals with your patients.
  • learn how PROM’s can improve patient engagement with their treatment.
  • gain a resource package of PROM’s you can immediately apply in your practice, with interpretation and implementation guides for each.
  • benefit from peer discussion and collaboration in learning how to integrate PROM’s into your practice.

This course will cover …

  1. The Benefits of Outcome Measures
  2. Characteristics of Outcome Measures
  3. Setting & Writing Measurable Goals
  4. Linking Goals, Outcome Measures & Treatment
  5. Selecting Appropriate Outcome Measures
  6. A Naturopathic Resource Package of PROM’s
  7. Applying PROM’s – Case Studies & Discussion

You will receive …

  • A package of 8 different PROM instruments
  • An implementation and interpretation guide for each instrument
  • A copy of the workshop notes

Face-to-face workshop, involving presentation, discussion and practical case work.

Online version to launch in early 2016

Note: Workshop places are strictly limited, to ensure effective small group discussion and practical work. If you cannot attend the next workshop, don’t worry, more workshops will be scheduled in the future.

4.5 hours

including a 30 minute break.

The next workshop will occur in early 2016.

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NOTE: Due to significant interstate interest, commencing early 2016 this workshop will also be offered as an online workshop. Stay tuned for more information!

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